SintimSpeaks#5 When women support each other it’s incredible you could end up in …….. MIAMI BEACH BABY!!!!

SOOO…. Blog number 5 is different from my usual posts but you’ll like it I promise… well I hope you will *fingers crossed*. Thankyouuuu once again I see all of you that are sending me feedback, retweeting me promoting me on your Snapchat’s you’re all amazing it’s things like that will keep me going God bless you all

Right so if you have me on Snap Chat  you would have seen that I was at an event on the 2/10/2017. The event was a collaboration between GoaldiggerPc, Luxe Vida, Shannie and GirlsTalkLondon it was a movie night at Miami Beach …. in Elephant and Castle, as far as I’m concerned, I was in Miami there was real sand (YEAH REAL SAND !!!)

At this event there was powerful panel of inspiring people such as Bianca Miller-Cole who is an Entrepreneur, she spoke about so many of her amazing accomplishments but the one that stood out for me was her business of nude tights THERE IS NUDE FOR US BLACK GIRLS !!!… I then later went to do research on her and this woman is incredible she even she’s got a new book out I shall also be purchasing this. I really admire this woman and aspire to be like her one day. People she was on the apprentice so you this woman is the ultimate Boss lady!!!!

The founder of Urban Lawyers Tunde Okewale MBE was also there and when I mean every word he said stuck in my head … you needed to be there despite the fact he grew up in East London this did not stop him from becoming the famous and respected barrister he is today. The thing that I loved about him the most is that’s he’s real. I see a lot of myself in him we even studied at the same university lol so that’s a plus. If he’d let all doubters get in his head he would not be where he is today. we all need to be like this sometimes is just fear that holds us back to becoming the person we’re supposed to become. What’s written is written !!!

Also on the panel there was also one half of the amazing creators of VampUk Christina Ok. VampUk up are social marketing agency that championship diversity in particular women or colour who are in the public eye, they work close in hand with influencers that who are successfully representing and focusing on the currently underrepresented market, what made me really respect them that they are go getters and have such a boss spirit about them they had a dream and wasn’t afraid to follow it, this is inspiring to me and will definitely inspire a few people I know. They have an ongoing survey please take time to do it I’ll post the link below 👊🏾


The last person that was on the panel was one of the trio from 3shots of tequila yes, I listen to it and I loveeeee it 😂🙌🏾, in my eyes this is one of the bravest men  to walk this earth Mr Keith Dube, he spoke about how he made a few bad decisions in his like but has now changed it around, he is now an author, podcaster, blogger and even made a documentary where he talks about his battle with mental health(depression) , as he was speaking I was thinking what an amazing person, he is helping a lot of people and he doesn’t  even know how much his words alone will and have impacted but also  touched and inspired millions across the country. I really predict big this for this man and everyone that was on the panel. Keep shining your lights and inspiring young people such as myself.


Now onto the QUEENS behind this event GoalDiggerPc, LuxeVida, Shannie and GirlsTalkLondon where do I even start you ladies need to big up yourselves to the fullest, have never ever felt so welcomed at an event in my life, everyone was so nice, the whole atmosphere was positive. I often feel really uncomfortable when I’m at an event on my own but not at one point did I feel this when I was there everyone was friendly and nice.

Everything was planned so on point it ran so smoothly, you could see that they genuinely supported each other and it was the sisterhood it was amazing to see so many women and some men in the same place supporting the movement and each other. There was no way you could’ve left that place and not felt motivated and inspired to make some goals and then pursue them.

First of all, let me congratulate LuxeVida as this was their first event and it SOLD OUT! This is a very big accomplishment and I personally know how stressful putting an event together can be, one thing I can say these ladies have an amazing support system around them and will flourish in the event planning world BIG UP YOUSELVES LADIES!!!   The only thing I was upset about was that I missed out on a goody bag from the amazing sponsors of the night ORS HAIRRRRR if you ever saw my face when they told me they had run out, there’s always next time I will get one for sureeee it’s a must lol!!!  but you see what I’m talking about throughout this whole post the support all these people have for each other is out of this world.

Let me talk about the film (yesss even that was inspiring), the film was called joy, the film is based on a true story I did my research. I’m trying not to give too much away for anyone that hasn’t seen it go watch it. right so joy despite all the odds became phenomenal businesswoman … her own sister didn’t believe in her and tried to really undermine her at times, but did she let this stop her NOOO !!!, she was in debts up to her eyeballs did that stop her NOOO!!! I’m saying too much already go and watch the film it will change your life tbh.

I am a proud member of the GoalDiggerpc  a power circle put together by Chams if you don’t know who she is you’ve been living under a rock all your life , infact go search her up .She has done so many amazing thin. I urge my fellow sisters to come and join this power circle you’ll meet people from all walks of life you’ll learn so much and the support they give you is incredible, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and I promise you, you will not regret it. As we all know if you surround yourself with people who reflect you and how you want to be and how you want to feel their energies are contagious and you will begin to follow their footsteps.

Ps to all my friends that are makeup crazy GirlsTalkLondon are having a pop up festival with Vee Chanda & Lori Bee on the 23rd of November GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!! The link is on their insta bio GirlsTalkLondon go get them.

Also, I just seen today that’s Shannie one the phenomenal people behind the beautiful event I went to is having an event for creatives the link is her Instagram bio Insta: Shannieloves

Bible Quotations I based this blog post on were:

Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven

Philippians 2:4 “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

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sorry for the lack of pictures i’m still learning lol


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